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Research Team

This study is informed by the experience of our multidisciplinary research team in:

THRIVE Project - Soroya Julian McFarlane

Soroya Julian McFarlane, PhD

Department of Communication Studies

THRIVE Project - Tamora Callands

Tamora Callands, PhD

Public Health-Health Promotion & Behavior

THRIVE Project - Andrea Swartzendrube

Andrea Swartzendruber, PhD

Public Health-Epidemiology & Biostatistics,

THRIVE Project - Diane Francis

Diane Francis, PhD

Department of Communication, University of Kentucky

THRIVE Project - Kallia Wright

Kallia Wright, PhD

School of Communication, University of Miami

THRIVE Project - Oyinade Adesina

Oyinade Adesina, MA

University of

THRIVE Project - Beauty Acheampong

Beauty Acheampong, MA

University of Georgia